Afkos industries

An automatized production facility for drill rods, established in 1994, manufactures a wide range of high-quality, heat-treated drill rods and protective pipes for mines and mining contractors.

The exact requirements concerning the straightness of AFKOS drill rods and an innovative heat-treating process guarantee superior quality and a longer life than traditionally manufactured drill rods.

MBI Drilling Products

MBI Drilling Products offers a high-quality and versatile range of core drilling tools in wireline size categories A, B, N, H and P.

In product manufacture, the goal has been to obtain as good operability as possible, helping to obtain the best possible sample.

Dimatec inc.

Dimatec Inc. manufactures high-quality drill bits in Canada for ore prospecting and geotechnical research.

The excellent performance and durability of DIMATEC drill bits improve drilling results and, thus, increase the productivity of work.

Lee Kerr Enterprises

The principle of Lee Kerr Enterprises Inc., a Canadian family enterprise, is to manufacture high-quality and reliable products for various industrial fields.

In addition, the product range includes rod wrenches that have been designed by listening to the customers and taking their special requirements into account.

Halco Rock Tools

Established in Halifax in 1948, English company Halco Rock Tools designed their first DTH hammer back in 1951. The facility has manufactured DTH hammers and drill bits in different sizes since the 1950s.

The design and manufacture of Halco Rocks Tools’ DTH equipment follows the ISO9001:2008 standards, guaranteeing an excellent performance, productivity and durability.

Qmatec Drilling AS

Qmatec Drilling has manufactured, since 1966, NEMEK® DTH drilling and DTH drill rigs for water and geothermal well and drilling contractors.

In its design, Qmatec wants to meet the individual, sometimes even complex requests of its clients. The motivated, professional staff, with several years of experience, guarantees high-quality products.